Automatic roller cover for your HDC prefabricated pit

In the workshop, a prefabricated pit not only enables efficient and fast work. The fact that employees can carry out maintenance and repairs on vehicles while standing in the pit prevents health problems.

A prefabricated pit can also present hazards: In many workshops, prefabricated pits are open, making the risk of falls very high. Secure your prefabricated pit now with an automatic roller cover! This closes your prefabricated pit, you can move freely and use your workshop individually for further work without the pit posing any dangers.

We will be happy to advise you on various roll covering options:

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Automatic roll covers promise:




Manual or automatic roller cover

For the protection of your prefabricated pit there is the possibility of a manual as well as an automated roller cover. These are graded according to load capacity and carry loads from 500 kg to 15 t. The decisive question is who or what the roller cover has to carry? Depending on the design, the cover can be walked on or even driven over.

Retrofitting pit covers to existing prefabricated pits

If you already have a prefabricated pit, you can upgrade it with an automatic roller cover. During a personal consultation, we will go through the different options for installation together in order to make the most efficient use of the available space.

Advantages of an automatic roller cover

high quality
up to 15 t load capacity
easy to maintain
anti-slip coating
flexible (manual or automated)
fast and safe covering
more efficient work

HDC roller cover "Undersnake

Our rolling cover "Undersnake" convinces with its innovative folding technology, because in the twinkling of an eye, the cover is stowed away space-savingly and comfortably in a separate area. For this, the pit length is only slightly extended and you get free access, making maintenance, repairs and cleaning possible at any time.

Another way to store the automatic roller cover is to make it disappear under the floor. For this purpose, an additional floor must be constructed, consisting of removable elements, so that the segments can be accessed for maintenance, cleaning or repairs.

With the Undersnake HDC roller cover, you make perfect use of every centimetre of your prefabricated pit, minimise the risk of accidents and thus protect yourself and your employees!

Step by step to automatic roll covering:

We are your contact if you would like to upgrade your prefabricated pit with an automatic roller cover. In order to develop an individual pit cover for you, we need the exact dimensions of your prefabricated pit (width & length). In order to guarantee the load-bearing capacity, the load-bearing capacity must be calculated precisely in advance.

Taking into account your information and wishes, we will prepare an individual offer for you.

So that you can get an idea of your future roller cover, you will receive a graphic representation. Change requests can be incorporated here before the construction of the pit starts after your approval.

In the last step we manufacture the automatic roller cover, deliver it to you personally and finally install it professionally and expertly.

FAQ about automatic roll cover

You should not build a pit cover yourself. Covers made of wood, for example, do not offer any protection due to their low load-bearing capacity, neither for private nor commercial use. For this reason, only load-bearing roll covers should be used, which are made of steel or aluminium, for example.

Yes! Even if the prefabricated pit already exists, we can make you an individual roll cover and install it afterwards.

In advance it is important that the exact dimensions of your prefabricated pit are measured, both the width and the length. This is relevant for the planning of the storage box, as in individual cases the pit length must be adjusted. If you decide on the stowage option under the floor, an additional floor must be constructed for this, which can be opened by individual elements. Both stowage options must guarantee freely accessible access so that maintenance, repairs and cleaning can be carried out. We would be happy to come to you and install your individual roller cover.

We are experts in the field of prefabricated pits and their equipment such as the automatic roller cover. Please contact us and we will create a custom-fit solution for your workshop pit based on your wishes and ideas. The price always depends on the size, the equipment and any special requests.

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