Pit jack - Made in Germany

With customized pit jacks, the optimum solution for your workshop can be put together thanks to the latest lifting technology. At HDC, you get everything from a single source, from consulting to planning, design to the finished product and its installation - with quality "Made in Germany".

Pit jacks are flexible and convenient. Their advantage: they can be moved effortlessly within the finished pit and are therefore ready for use anywhere in the pit at any time. With their longevity due to corrosion resistance, which is ensured by a special paint finish, as well as wear resistance, pit jacks require very little maintenance. The piston rods also have no chance of corrosion, as they are flooded with oil at regular intervals.

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Stability & reliability is the essence of pit jacks

The CE certification guarantees the high stability. High quality powder coating provides the finishing touch and gives the pit jack a matching surface. The pit jack setup is sensitive, accurate and the lowering is characterized by:

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Use of the pit jacks

The pit jacks can be used in two ways. On the one hand, it is possible to use the pit lift on a rail or in such a way that it can be moved freely. We are always concerned about the health of your employees, because all pit jacks can be operated at the push of a button, so that no heavy physical exertion is necessary.
And we have also considered everyday work: Of course, the have designed the control panels in such a way that the extra-large buttons and knobs can of course also be operated with work gloves.

Features of the pit jacks

The piston rods are caused to lift by an air motor, which also enables lifting under load. The pit jack is guided at the upper edge of the pit, for which purpose the pit jacks are equipped with rollers running in transverse and longitudinal direction.
So that you can also install a pit jack in your already existing prefabricated pit, our pit jacks can be completely individually adapted to all prefabricated pits. The chassis, roll variants as well as a foot control can be designed individually. The foot control becomes important when the height of the car or LWK has to be adjusted while working on the vehicle.

Safety at work

Of course, safety plays a major role when working in a prefabricated pit. Therefore, all pit jacks are equipped with a brake to prevent them from rolling away or shifting unintentionally. In addition, an automatic rollaway safety device is installed. Above a certain load, the pit lift thus settles on the ground and is secured.
The oil levels should also not be ignored, because only an exact oil supply ensures the proper use of the pit jacks. Therefore, all pit jacks have a viewing window for the oil level, in order to control and monitor the quantity and also the quality of the oil.

Other features of pit jacks:

Chassis non-slip
Air motor cover
No further support systems required
Slim & compact design
Suspended & ground driveable